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At the Law Offices of Mark Derzon in Bakersfield, California, employee's health and safety is our number one concern. However, we understand that injuries and accidents do happen. If you or a loved one has suffered life-altering injuries or illness on the job, reach out us to get immediate help.

Since 1980 Mark Derzon has represented farm workers, oilfield workers and others in their claims arising from injuries and illnesses on the job.

Workforce Problems Which Workers Face Today

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, injuries to farm workers are on the rise. A study in 2008 revealed that CA is among the top 3 states when it comes to fatalities among oilfield and farm workers. Poor practices and hazardous work environments often result in accidents and injuries to employees.

Numerous studies have found people who work around diesel trucks and oil refineries have a high incidence of cancer, stroke and other neurological disorders. We represent farm workers not only in their claim for injuries arising out of accidents but also for cumulative injuries that occur over long periods of time, including back problems, joint problems and other disabilities that occur after years of performing heavy labor.

We help workers who are suffering from these problems even if they have never had a specific accident injury. It has also been shown exposure to chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides can cause serious medical problems.

Know Your Rights

We are here to help you deal with work injuries and illness. Mark Derzon has decades of experience in representing injured workers and their families. Our firm has the expertise and resources to investigate and successfully handle your case.

If you have been exposed to dangerous chemicals, or suffered an injury on the job, you should become informed about your rights. Oilfield and farm workers need to protect themselves from the dangers that come with such high-risk occupation.

In addition to that, employers need to abide by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations as well as other state and federal policies to provide appropriate safety standards to their workforce. When these guidelines are not met, you may be in danger of injury or accident.

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